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Tattoo Numbing Cream Mistakes To Avoid

Tattoo Numbing Cream Mistakes To Avoid

Anyone who has ever got a tattoo knows that the process can be a painful one, so it isn’t surprising that more people are looking to tattoo numbing cream as a way to minimise the discomfort of getting inked. However, there are some potential pitfalls that you might encounter when it comes to applying these products. While they are extremely effective, when applied incorrectly, they may not work properly, or may cause you more harm than good. With this in mind, here are our top tattoo numbing cream mistakes that you should definitely avoid making.

Waiting Until The Last Minute Before Applying Your Tattoo Numbing Cream

If you apply your numbing product just 5 minutes before attending your appointment, don’t be surprised if you still feel pain when the needle enters your skin. Tattoo numbing cream takes time to activate, so you need to plan ahead. The product must be applied to your skin a minimum of 45 minutes before starting your session, so make sure you leave sufficient time before heading off to see your tattooist.

Forgetting To Wear Gloves To Apply The Numbing Cream

Unless you really want to anaesthetise your hand, you mustn’t forget to put on gloves before applying the tattoo numbing cream to the area that will be inked. Remember, numbing creams do exactly that – numb the skin!

Rubbing The Numbing Cream Into Your Skin

Although tattoo numbing cream feels a little like lotion, don’t make the mistake of rubbing it into the skin like one. You have to apply it correctly in a thick layer that can be seen visibly on the skin’s surface.

Missing Out Areas Of Skin That Will Be Tattooed

It can be all-too-easy to accidentally forget to cover every part of the skin that is going to be tattooed with the numbing cream, but if you make this mistake, you’ll find that you experience some pain and discomfort after all when the needle enters an untreated area. Make sure you take a comprehensive approach to covering your skin, taking care to overlap by around one inch in all directions for maximum coverage.

Allowing The Numbing Cream To Dry Out

If the tattoo numbing cream dries out it won’t work so effectively, so make sure you use plastic wrap to cover the treated skin after applying the product. That will ensure you benefit from the maximum anesthetic effects. Wait until just before your tattoo session begins before you unwrap the film and remove the product.

Buying A Poor Quality Tattoo Numbing Cream

There are lots of tattoo numbing cream products on the market today, but not all are equally effective. Don’t be tempted to buy a super-cheap product online instead of opting for a reliable and reputable brand. You need to be 100% certain that you’re choosing a safe product that is effective. When you buy from us, you can be completely confident that you’re buying a natural product that is very safe to use and that will work effectively to minimise your pain so you can enjoy all of the pleasure of your ink.