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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Tattoo Numbing Cream

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Tattoo Numbing Cream

If you’re ready to get a tattoo, a tattoo numbing cream represents the best way to eliminate the discomfort. However, even though numbing products have been around for a while, many people still don’t know much about them. With this in mind, here are three things that you didn’t know about tattoo numbing cream so you can be better informed about this product.

1.Tattoo Numbing Cream Contains The Active Ingredients Used In Doctors’ Numbing Products

If you’ve ever had a numbing cream applied to your skin when undergoing a minor skin procedure at your doctor’s surgery, you’ll find that it contains the same active ingredient as tattoo numbing cream. Healthcare practitioners often apply numbing products to the skin if they need to carry out simple procedures to eliminate the pain that may be experienced. These products contain an active ingredient called lidocaine. This is the same active ingredient as that used in the numbing injections your dentist uses when filling or extracting your teeth! Since lidocaine is well-known to be a very safe and highly effective skin numbing ingredient, it’s an ideal choice for use in tattoo numbing cream too. If you choose a quality tattoo numbing cream that contains lidocaine as its active ingredient, you can be confident that you’re choosing a product that will not only work efficiently but that will also not harm your skin.

2.Tattoo Numbing Cream Comes In Different Strengths

There are several different strengths of tattoo numbing cream available to buy. Some contain more active ingredients than others. It makes sense to choose a stronger product if you want to maximise the desensitising effect. At one time, the strongest tattoo numbing cream available had a strength of 40% however that has now changed. The strongest tattoo numbing cream on the market today, Need To Be Numb, now has an impressive strength of 80%, ensuring maximum effectiveness when you want to enjoy all of the fun and none of the discomfort of getting inked.

3.Tattoo Numbing Cream Should Be Applied In Advance Of Your Appointment

Tattoo numbing cream needs to be applied in advance of attending your tattoo appointment to ensure that it has enough time to become activated and take effect to desensitise the skin. If you apply the cream too close to your appointment time, it won’t have sufficient time to work. Therefore, it may seem that the product doesn’t work whereas, in fact, it does, it just hasn’t been allowed to have its full activation time! To achieve the best effect from your tattoo numbing cream, you need to apply it to your skin at least 45 minutes before you plan to attend your session. You also need to follow the application instructions carefully to ensure that you get the maximum impact from the product. The cream needs to be applied to clean and dry skin, and it needs to be applied in a thick layer rather than being rubbed into the skin like a lotion. The best effect is achieved if you cover the treated skin with plastic wrap as this will keep the area warm and help the active ingredients to get to work. Once the cream has been on your skin for around 45 minutes to 1 hour, your skin will feel numb and you can remove the product and attend your appointment. You should experience pain-free tattooing!

Buying Tattoo Numbing Cream

It’s important to buy a high-quality tattoo numbing cream to ensure that it achieves the effect that you desire. Need To Be Numb is the best choice on the market today.