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What Are The Least Painful Places To Get Tattoos?

What Are The Least Painful Places To Get Tattoos?

If you have a low pain threshold but you really want to get inked, you’re probably wondering which area of your body would be the least painful to get a tattoo. The good news is that some body parts are far less sensitive to the needle strokes than others, so here we take a closer look at some of the areas you might want to consider before you make your appointment.

Your Fingernails

You may never have realised that you can get your fingernails tattooed, but in fact it is actually a thing! Of course, these tattoos are temporary since your nails will grow and thus disappear with time. Nevertheless, it’s an entirely painless area to tattoo as the ink gets applied onto the nail’s hard keratin surface. If you change your mind regularly about the designs you like best, a tattoo here could be the perfect option for you since you can get a new design every few months!

Your Shoulders

The shoulders have fewer nerve endings when compared with other body parts, so shoulder tattoos are more uncomfortable than painful. They’re also a popular area for body art since they can be easily exposed or covered up as you wish.

Your Calves

If you’re worried about the pain you might experience when getting a tattoo, the calves are an ideal choice. There are fewer nerve endings here than in other parts of the body and there is also plenty of cushioning here when compared with bonier areas. While foot tattoos can be very sore due to the thin skin and minimal fat cover, calf tattoos are a far better alternative for those with a low pain threshold.

Your Ears

This is another unusual area to get inked, but in fact ear cartilage is one of the least painful areas for a tattoo. When ink is directly applied to the ear cartilage, the pain level is far lower than that involved with ink application on the neck or head. Also, tattoos on the ear must be simple and small, so the appointment will only be a short one.

Your Outer Thighs

There are fewer nerve endings in the leg muscles, and these muscles are also have a higher pain tolerance threshold. There is also a lot of muscle and fat here which reduce the amount of pain in inking the outer thigh. The inner thigh, however, has a lot of nerve receptors, so you might want to avoid extending your ink around the circumference of your leg.

Your Butt

Although you may never have considered getting your bottom tattooed, it’s actually a fairly painless area for your ink since it’s well-cushioned by fat and far from any bones.

Your Forearms

A tattoo that crawls up your forearm isn’t just a popular choice, it’s also a fairly pain-free option as long as you steer clear of your bony wrist area.

Your Biceps

The biceps are also well-known to be minimally painful to tattoo since there is plenty of cushioning fat to absorb the needle’s impact. It isn’t too surprising that the bicep is a top choice for those who are getting their first piece of body art.

Your Lower Back

If you’re female, there’s a good chance that a tattoo on your lower back will be less painful due to the higher amount of fat you have here. If you’re male, on the other hand, you might want to avoid this area as there is far less fat and the needle would pass close to the bone.

Using A Tattoo Numbing Cream

A tattoo numbing cream like Need To Be Numb is a great way to minimise the pain of getting tattooed, no matter where on your body you want to get inked. It desensitises the skin so you can enjoy all of the benefits of getting your body art without any unwanted discomfort.