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5 Top Tips For Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo is an amazing way to express your personality and it will be on your body for life, so it makes sense to take good care of it so it stays looking its best. The early days after getting your ink are crucial to the final appearance of your body art, so here are our top five expert tips for tattoo aftercare to help you keep yours in top condition.

1.Follow Your Artist’s Instructions

The first thing you should always do is follow the tattoo aftercare advice that your artist gives you in the immediate aftermath of getting your body art completed. A good tattooist will always give you clear information about how to care for your ink including things to do and things to avoid, so make sure you adhere to that advice carefully.

2.Keep It Covered For A Few Hours

Your artist will cover your new tattoo with some plastic wrap or special bandage to prevent bacteria from entering the broken skin and causing an infection. This covering will also protect your tattoo from rubbing on clothing and becoming irritated and inflamed. Your artist will tell you how long to keep that dressing in place to absorb the excess ink and fluids that may leak out as part of their tattoo aftercare advice. Make sure you keep it on for the full length of time.

3.Wash Your Tattoo Gently

Once you’ve removed the dressing from your new ink, you should wash the newly tattooed skin gently using fragrance-free soap and warm water. Be very careful when you do this, and make sure your hands are clean before you remove the dressing. When you’ve finished washing the tattoo, pat the skin dry gently using a soft and clean cloth to avoid causing any irritation or damage. When washing your tattoo, it’s important not to submerge it in water for long periods. You can shower, but don’t have a bath or go swimming for a couple of weeks.

4.Don’t Pick Your Skin!

It can be very tempting to pick at your newly inked skin. Often, a fresh tattoo will be itchy and when the skin begins to heal it will start to develop scabs that can be annoying. However, if you pick at your body art, you could spoil its appearance. Not only could you cause unattractive scarring, but you could also damage the pigment and cause uneven patches and even areas without any colour, which will then require further work to put right. It makes sense, then, to avoid picking your skin, no matter how tempted you are!

5.Apply A Tattoo Healing Wax

One of the top tattoo aftercare tips is to apply a tattoo healing wax to the skin to promote moisturisation and healthy healing. A tattoo healing wax is designed to keep the skin supple and soft so that it doesn’t dry out and become sore and itchy in the days after getting your new body art. It will help to keep your ink looking and feeling good.