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Great product. Put the creme on hour and half before the tattoo session and it later I’d say 3.5 hours on a 6 hour session. Will buy again

Absolutely amazing cream

It’s seems a lot of money for the size of cream you get but well worth every penny,
As I sat for a 6 hrs tattoo session and I was perfectly fine all through it defo recommend

Amazing stuff !

I purchased this cream after reading the reviews hoping and praying it would work as I wanted a tattoo to remember my mum by after she passed away, I applied it and left it to soak in, went to get my tattoo still unsure if it was working or not…… the tattooist started my tattoo without me even knowing as I couldn’t feel a thing ! Absolutely blown away by just how good it is. My arm was still numb for a good 4/5 hours after .

Brilliant JUST brilliant

This cream is amazing used it when I had lip fillers never felt a actual thing and I am no good with pain. I will use this all the time 😊😊😊

Wasn't sure at first

I'm absolutely covered in tattoos, never used numbing cream, but after having a large piece on my ribs I knew I'd need some for my stomach, used this today and sat for 3 hours having a big piece done on my belly that I didn't feel at all. This stuff is amazing. This small tube also covered my whole stomach easily. Not sure how people aren't managing to cover small areas to be tattooed. My stomach piece goes from sternum to groin and across to my ribs.

Very good

Yes this worked very well for my knee tattoo but second use over my black out to be re lined didn’t work at all so perhaps for reworks go for a stinger version


I've been tattooed for hours and hours and hours over the years. I bought this on a bit of a whim before a day session because I have tendonitis in both my lower legs and wanted to at least try and take the edge off! The ENTIRE 5+ hour session was completely painless. I could genuinely feel the pressure of the artists hand on me more than the tattooing itself. Felt like cheating but I will definitely be using it again for the more sensitive areas!


Really great product and will certainly be purchasing again

OMG - amazing

I was getting my first tattoo on my ribs and was getting so nervous. I bought this and did not feel absolutely anything at all, I put it around 1/3 to 1/2 of the tube (for a 6” tattoo) around an hour and a half before and wrapped it in clingfilm. I could not feel anything throughout the entire 1 hour appointment, the numb didn’t fade towards the end either and it really helps. If you’re thinking about buying it to calm your nerves or take away pain, just buy this it’s ridiculously good!!!!


Honestly, an incredible numbing cream! Super recommend! It’s a small tube but at 50% you won’t need too much (depending on the size of the tattoo of course). Works within 40 mins and the numbness lasts for quite a while.. lasted for at 3 hours

Works really well

Had a large tattoo done on my ribs/ stomach area,the cream worked really well for a few hours. Was not as effective on the wrist, but could be because of how thin the skin is there and there's more nerve endings,but it did take the edge off it. I'll definitely keep using this cream,best one I've found so far.

Very good

Used this on Tuesday for a leg sleeve tattoo
Would highly recommend and will be buying again

I couldn’t feel my tattoo removal!

I was absolutely astonished to find that I couldn’t feel the tattoo removal laser on my skin. I simply felt some heat. Thank you so much.

A must have

Brilliant product does exactly what it says in the tub.

Absolutely amazing

I had a thigh tattoo done today this was amazing and lasted 5 hours. Would deffo recommend this stuff.

Leg tattoo

Absolutely fantastic I had my shin tattooed and felt nothing, will definitely be buying again

Already recommended to tattoo artist.

This is amazing compared to other creams. I fell asleep getting the back of my knee and inner thigh tattooed. Couldn't feel a thing. Effect lasted for over 6 hours.

Top tip:

1 hour before appointment, have a really hot shower to open pores. Dry, then apply cream to area and wrap with clingfilm. By the time you get to the appointment it will have taken effect.

Will definitely use again.

Amazing cream

I love the cream and i recomand for all the people to try it.My skin is more soft and illuminated. 🥰🥰🥰🥰


Never felt one bit of pain during my tattoo which was 1 hour 45 mins!

Wouldn’t use anything else!

Amazing numbing cream! Applied 1 and a half hours before my tattoo and 8 hours later it’s only just worn off! It’s been a dream to get my half sleeve done with ZERO pain.

Absolutely amazing

Omg what can i say from apart that this crream i worth its weight in gold!!!
I was abit sceptical before i bought this cream and even when i put it on in the morning i was just hoping it would halve the pain..... Omg i did not feel a thing!!!!! Total numbness i am amazed.
4 hours later and my arm is still numb! I put it on a good hour before my tattoo and wrapped my arm in cling film.
When the cream arrived (80%) i was shocked of how small the tube was for the price but after today i would have paid double!
You would be daft not to use this cream.


Long as you read the instructions it works a treat couldn’t feel a thing and didn’t effect the tattoo one bit.

5 star

I was getting work done on both of my ribs. I got givin the TKtx from a friend and purchased this. I used both tubes (one each side) tktx worked well, this however felt almost completely numb. The only way I actually knew I was getting tattooed on was from the pressure of the tattooist leaning on me as I was laying down on the side. I honestly couldn’t feel the needle at all compared to when using the tktx which still worked well. But this was something else. I once didn’t mind getting tattooed but as I’ve got older I actually hate it but want so much done. I’ll 100% use this again, shame about the price as it’s very expensive for a small tub but does it’s job very well. I’d advice using it in the area and covering it with cling film for an hour before taking the cling film off.

Awesome stuff

This stuff is the best, I didn`t feel a thing, and already ordered more for my next appointment