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I used this for the start of my sleeve, due to the small detailing and shading. Worked a treat 👌🏼👌🏼 absolutely will buy again!!

Numbed recent tattoo great! Just not the one that was being done!

I’d had a tattoo a few days before which was next to the new one, that one went completely numb, however the tattoo I was just about to have wasn’t nearly as numb as the healing one.

Overall good product but over priced for the result.

80% - 10g Need To Be Numb
Scott (Cumbernauld, GB)
Great stuff

Sat for 4 hour tattoo . Never felt a thing for 3.5 hours . Last half hour could slightly feel but not completely.
Definitely be buying again

Worst purchase wouldn’t rate this if I could, I used this as per instructions online and didn’t numb anything.

Would highly recommend not to purchase this product especially the price you pay.

Really good

Really good. Lasts a good 2 hours and can bearly feel a thing when it’s working


Had a 6hr chest tattoo with zero pain. I’ll be ordering again

Instant numbing lasts longer than other creams I’m amazed! I’ve told so many people!!!!!

80% - 30g Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream
Tammy Nightingale (Eastleigh, GB)
Numbing cream

It was amazing I highly recommend getting this I didn't feel a thing

Very good

Couldn’t feel a this for about an hour and the it wore off and could feel the next hour and a half of my tattoo. At least it worked for some of it.

Very effective as a numbing cream. Love the delivery speed. All round great

50% - 10g Need To Be Numb
T.H. (Bicester, GB)
Great numbing cream!

Used the 80% cream for a chest tattoo and back tattoo (the small tube covered both). Made both experiences pain free and didn’t affect the tattoo quality at all. Going to finish my back piece and gonna buy another one for sure! Recommended this to friends and will always be my go to.

Best cream I’ve used

80% - 10g Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream
Magdalena Siniak (Bury St Edmunds, GB)
Very good stuff

Had an session inside me thigh and literally fall asleep, no pain what so ever and lasted way beyond session hours

80% - 10g Need To Be Numb
Alan Dean (Wigan, GB)

Absolutely first class service and the creams the same brilliant I got about 4hrs pain free tattooing would definitely use again

Worst cream I’ve ever used

80% - 30g Need To Be Numb
Kirsty Shepperson (Darlington, GB)

Fantastic products , quick delivery and amazing customer service . Really pleased all round. Will continue to purchase .

80% - 10g Need To Be Numb
Graham Myers (Islington, GB)
Good stuff

I’ve been using this for 18 months,on my back sessions,we did 7hours out line and it worked for most of that time,I’m always got a tube ready for my next session

Absolutely brilliant

This is worse bought 2 and it didn’t work. Don’t bother buying any of their products …. Better off with TKTX I highly recommend that brand not this fake product.

Useless don’t really work. I wouldn’t give it 1/2 star …. If you’re thinking of buying any of their products don’t bother it’s all trash

Fantastic service

This cream works so incredibly well. Highly recommend it. Used it to numb before having micro needling- didn’t feel a thing!

80% - 10g Need To Be Numb
Jason Rees (Bridgend, GB)
Fantastic cream

No pain at all

Really worth buying