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A godsend

Used for a tattoo on my inner bicep leading up to my armpit. Didn't feel a thing.


I’ve tried them all. Even the leading brand. And none compared to this. 2.5h straight didn’t feel one thing A******

Great numbing gel

Fast delivery. And great product. Definitely works.
100% recommended


Numbing spray that really works

Expensive but worth it

At first I thought it was expensive which it is but wow what a cream I followed the online instructions and applied the cream at 12:30 3 hour appointment at 13:30 and was still numb at 22:00 😂 looking fwd to getting my back finished off using this product and will never go back to using anything but…

numbing cream

When i had my last tattoo on my hand my pain is not good I am not good with pain and I put the stuff on and couldn't feel anything would highly recommend to anyone that's not good with having a tattoo to use this stuff. Amazing numbing cream love it


Didn't feel a thing!
Was a bit specitical but I put it on front of my thigh and wrapped it in cling film for just over an hour before my tattoo, didn't feel a thing for about 2 1/2 hours was only the last half hour of my session It wore off and I felt it but will be ordering again before I go back to have the tattoo colour finished!

Fast effective and ver reliable. Will be buying again.

Need To Be Numb Numbing Spray

80% - Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream


This stuff is amazing, hardly felt a thing. Definitely getting more

Need to Heal

Fab cream, spreads well and my latest piece is healing really nicely. Only needing to use twice a day and have avoided the dry itchy phase this time. Recommend 👍🏻

Great Value for 80% tubes

I’m just starting a rework on my full back and the 10grm tubes don’t quite give me the coverage needed so buying the 30grm tube saves quite a lot against buying two 10grm tubes and no worry about running out.

Need To Shine Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo cream

By far the best cream I've used put it on at 9am still number at 8pm will not use another cream again

Stunned 😳

Can’t recommend this 80% strength product enough. I’m a big wuss with tattoo pain. So decided to try this. Wow!!! Literally no pain, no feeling at all other than some slight vibration when going over a bone. Wished the tube were bigger, if you are getting a big piece done would recommend to get at least 2 maybe 3 tubes. Great that they now do the bigger 30ml to save on cost. Such a weird feeling. Your brain is telling you it should hurt but you don’t feel a thing. Similar to injection at a dentist. Just put on an hour plus before appointment and make sure to wrap all of the application area. Genuine quality product. Tattooist had no complaints on tattooing and was infact happy that he could just get on with it without me needing any breaks. 🙌👌

Simply awesome

My partner was having the start of his sleeve and wanted to give this a try, he said it was awesome
The tattooist was very surprised he said other numbing creams would make your skin tough and hard to tattoo, but with 80% was great.
Highly recommended
Already placed our next order
Many thanks

What an awesome cream

Hi I have had your 80 percent numbing cream twice now . At first I was apprehensive about using the cream as normally creams really don’t work that good but this one was amazing I sat over 4hrs and I didn’t feel a thing since then I have recommended the cream to at least 8 people have just received a bigger tube as I’m having more tattoos done in February and also my son is going to using the cream . It as put my bad experience of having a tattoo done many years ago which put me off for over 10 years of having another tattoo but thanks to this cream I have no worries at all .
Many thanks Lisa

Numbing cream

Is the best numbing cream. I did use so many brands before but this product is best. Working long time. The tattoo doesn't have any side effects. Highly recommended

Good product

Works really well, it's a very strong numbing cream

Havnt revived this item yet


Brilliant stuff lasted nearly 8hrs definitely recommend 👌


Best thing I’ve bought for tattoos, I put it on at least 2 hours before and I honestly cannot feel a thing, I definitely recommend


Very good