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Followed instructions had a two hour sitting and didn’t feel anything the whole two hours can’t praise it enough **********

Great numb

This cream really does do as it says. Some areas Felt more numb than others, I’d say the cream lasted overall a rough 6 hrs before I couldn’t deal with any more pain of the tattoo.
Tubes are very small so if your covering a large area I’d recommend 2

Works great

Definitely reduces the pain and works fast👌

OK for smaller tattoos but not great for larger pieces.

Had this product recommended by my tattoo artist so thought I'd give it a go for a large back piece. I bought two tubes for almost £50 and on the big day it was applied as directed.

The first hour in the chair was a doddle and completely painless but then the cream rapidly wore off and I was quickly reminded of why I'd put off having another back piece for so long lol.

Would I use this product again? If I'd known it would wear off so quickly then no, but possibly for smaller peices of work.


Worked like a dream lasted about 4 hours
Would definitely recommend it to anybody having a tattoo

Need to be numb

Does exactly what it means . Highly recommended

Worked a treat

Worked really well but the lack of any ingredients or instructions was a little concerning


Did what it said, totally numb for 6 hrs brilliant

Numb tattoo

Amazing product would recommend to everyone has really worked and helps with them delicate and painful tattoos

Pain free knee Cap tattoo

Absolutely amazing! I had my knee tattooed 2 weeks ago was told numbing cream
Wouldn't work ! Well this did ! I didn't feel a thing not even on the actual knee cap! Will defo be getting more


Best numbing cream. Especially when used right. Hours of painless tattoos

80% - Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream

Numbing cream

Fantastic cream works really well

80% - Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream

Expensive but it works

Ordered the 80% for my back it really does work but the tubes are really small for what you pay. it worked in areas where it must of ran down my back when I had the clingfilm on as the bottom of my back was numb until 8-9pm I put the cream on at 9:30am and sat for 5hrs of tattooing. I would recommend but it’s going to cost if your having a big tattoo done

Need To Be Numb Numbing Spray

Best numbing cream

Left on for 90 minutes and lasted over 6 hours no pain at all. Great numbing cream!

Still hurt abit but bearable

Cream was applied as advised and to start the tattoo I felt nothing but half hour in it started to hurt slightly but bearable I would use again but maybe only in a small tattoo as I feel it wouldn’t work for along period of time


I got bored before it wore off! Brilliant stuff would highly recommend


I used this cream recently for 2 new tattoos and I have to say I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever. Its fantastic!


I have really low tolerance plus involuntary movements, thing that messed up my tattoo. Got recommended this cream and used it and I could finish it and fix it no issues.
True be told, u just don’t feel if u cover completely and correctly. If u leave a piece u can feel a bit and could get uncomfortable. When the effect is passing u start feeling slowly but little more intense but the rest is amazing the started u just don’t feel nothing. Thanks so much!!

80% numbing crwam

Was very impressed, with it, worked well, will buy again

First time

I had a tattoo on the back of my leg I had to stop the first session as it hurt so much 😂 then saw this so gave it ago although I think I should have got two tubes. Although it didn’t feel completely numb it did take the edge of it and some parts was truly numb

5 star

It worked better than I thought 10 out of 10 , I was getting laser treatment an didn't feel a thing . That was 80% , has to be the best on the market,

The best

So I've used numbing creams on all my tattoos to make it a little easier for my artist doing the work. This has to be the best I've used so far. Followed the instructions to the letter and sat in the chair from 9-2 today and still numb when it was finished. If your looking for a good no GREAT cream then this is the one.