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Numbing Spray

A numbing spray is essential for anyone who wants to minimise pain and discomfort during tattooing or any other skin procedure. Designed to desensitise the skin, it ensures that you’ll stay comfortable at all times. It’s also a very convenient product to use thanks to its simple, user-friendly spray operation. Unlike numbing creams that must be applied to the skin in a thick layer, a numbing spray can simply be sprayed liberally to the area of skin that will be treated, leaving no mess and causing no fuss. It’s a quick and easy way to desensitise your skin ready for your appointment.

Unlike other numbing products, numbing spray can be used not only before an appointment but during one too. It works either before or after the skin has been broken. That makes it an excellent multifunctional choice, giving you even more options about how and when to use your spray. It’s suitable for application before a session to desensitise the skin in advance, or for use after the needle has entered the skin for the first time, taking effect rapidly to eliminate pain and make the rest of the process considerably more comfortable.

Numbing spray is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to get a tattoo or have another type of skin procedure but who is nervous or has a low pain threshold. With desensitised skin, there is no pain to worry about, and you’ll have no difficult sitting still through your appointment.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that you choose a safe and reliable product when choosing a numbing spray, but when you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a reputable company. Unlike many of the products that you’ll find for sale online, our numbing spray is made from natural ingredients and has been proven to be safe without compromising on effectiveness. You can rest assured that our products won’t harm your skin or cause any unwanted negative side effects, and you’ll still enjoy a great level of comfort during your tattoo, microblading, semi-permanent makeup application, or other procedure.