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best cream i’ve ever used


I was recommended this numbing cream for my first tattoo, as apparently down the hamstring can hurt a little bit. The cream worked wonders, everywhere i applied it was numb within the hour. What would have helped would be me remembering to do the whole area, not just half.

It’s ok

First hour is amazing. Don’t feel a thing. After that starts to wear off. Overall better than having a whole session with the usual tattoo pain.

It was really good

The cream worked really well but some areas it doesn’t work as effective.


Started using the cream not so long ago wish I used it earlier

Very good until it wears off :’)

I used this for a 6 hr tattoo on my shin and couldn’t feel a thing! It was a life saver. Until we got to the 4th hour then my goodness it stopped working!

Defiantly recommend this for tattoos up to 4hrs long

Was ok not sure if i applied enough



Brilliant cream. Took the sting out of tattoo. Skin continued to be numb after it was done too


Honestly this is the best cream ever

Best numbing cream by far

Sat through a days worth of back work. Lasted about 5hrs. Areas it doesn’t do well is the spine, but I guess there’s not much flesh for it to take to. Everywhere else was completely numb.

Really works

My pain levels for tattoos use to be high but now I’m 50+ my levels are not has high so thought I would try numbing cream it’s the first time I have used it and what a difference it made I cut my sessions down because I couldn’t go has long but this cream really helped I will use it every time now and have put my next session back to 6 hours highly recommended

80% numb cream 👍🏻

Great product great delivery service and il never have a tattoo without it 👍🏻

Tattoo numbing spray

Brilliant still hurts but makes it bearable would recommend to anyone


This cream is really that good, my calf was numb for around 8-10 hours, obviously differs on different people but would definitely recommend

Brilliant product

I now have used this cream for 6 tattoos and it is brilliant. I also have on hand the instant spray just in case but have never needed to use it even after sitting for over 4 hours in a single session. Very easy to apply. One word of warning. Please ensure you wash your hands after applying as you may find other areas not being tattooed go numb

Will never get a tattoo without this again!

Honestly the best product iv ever used iv now used for 4 big tattoos and haven’t felt a thing throughout including on my shin! I will never have a tattoo again without the 80% numbing cream

Top stuff

2 hours in the chair doing my knee didn’t feel a thing! Definitely recommend!!!

Numb cream

a successful product

80% cream

I’ve had tattoos is different places ! Not sure if this was a good place but the cream was amazing, only felt pressure and vibrations!would definitely recommend!! Purchasing another to redo a old tattoo , hoping it works again 🤞

Great product

Really good product could probably do with lasting a little longer but it works great

80% - Need To Be Numb | Tattoo Numbing Cream

This 80% numbing cream really work its magic, had a 3 hour tattoo session cant didnt feel a thing, intill the last 5 mins, will definitely buy again 100% real deal.

Didn’t feel a thing !

100% recommend ! Couldn’t feel a single thing on my hand and wrist !

Placing another order

Great stuff, good 6 hours coverage in some serious areas